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When tragedy struck! On December 23, 1966, Gary, who was only eighteen years old and his little sister,
Sue, were involved in a major accident in their hometown of Farmington, New Mexico.   While singing
Christmas songs, they were heading home as the car knifed through the darkness.  Suddenly Sue, spotted the
left end of an illegally parked tow truck protruding out into their lane of traffic.  Her scream pierced the night
only a moment before the car crashed headlong into the truck's protruding tail.

In what would prove to be a turning point in Gary's life, the trauma of the injuries claimed Gary's life. As he
laid clinically dead, Gary's little sister cried out frantically and invoked the name above all names,
Gary was left with a crushed larynx and vocal cords.  These injuries, among a host of others, required
numerous plastic surgeries.  Medical science currently is unable to perform a larynx transplant.  X-rays
document that Dr. Gary has no vocal cords, yet Dr. Gary Wood talks and sings; he is a walking miracle as he
speaks and ministers in song!

What transpired during this twenty minute time frame ? Gary met Jesus face to face as he spent time in
heaven. Gary was then commissioned by Jesus to return to earth, where he was to proclaim the Gospel in
such a way as to make Jesus real in the lives of people. Jesus told Gary that wherever he told his story,
people would be saved, delivered, and healed.

In the numerous years, Dr. Gary has been in full time ministry, he has seen God heal numerous illnesses and
diseases, including leukemia, cancer, blindness, arthritis, and deafness.  Too numerous to count are the
powerful testimonies of God's delivering power by His Holy Spirit in every church that Brother Gary Wood
has ministered.  As God's Word is taught, God is faithful to perform His miracles with signs and wonders.  
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