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More Praise Reports:

Thank you Dr. Gary. We cannot say thank you enough for the eternal deposit you made into us. Your
deposit has opened up quite a place in prayer. Can't stop listening to your messages. They are so full of
wisdom and insight. Your Sunday service was so full of apostolic and prophetic glory. You surely stepped
into an apostolic fathering to His people. The church so needs that anointing in this hour to set the course
for His coming and the perfection of the church unto glory. It is a message all need to hear. It was a right
now word to take us into the glory of His coming. Thank you, thank you. You are one of the endtime
fathers God is raising up. I call you a Father to GLC.  Thank you for being obedient. Love you guys so

Pastor Karen Mosley.
Glorious Light Church, Tulsa, OK

Dear Dr. Wood,
My husband and I attend Abundant Life Church in Eagle River, WI. We were so blessed by your words and
the Word. You touched many that morning and evening. One woman's knee was healed and another
woman that you prayed for described it as awesome. For my husband and I it was indeed awesome. Part of
the story for me is that Christmas 2012 ( I went sledding with my family. I am 60. I slid down the hill on a
saucer , hit a bump and it threw me up and I landed on my head. I should have broken my neck. My
chiropractor took x-rays and helped straighten me out. Well, you put your foot first on the scoliosis spot
exactly, then how did you know to go to my neck? I didn't feel anything then, no electric tingle, no warmth,
but I received healing of the scoliosis and full range of motion back in my neck. Praise Jesus! My
chiropractor confirmed these changes. My husband felt a big clunk when you gently placed your foot on his
back and continues to enjoy a better strengthening in his back and a growing of his faith. I also put my
hands on my kidneys for prayer for high blood pressure and got a reading of 128/88 two days after you
prayed. I'm walking in faith. Thanks so much for coming and ministering to us.

Butch & Jean Fitzpatrick,
Eagle River, WI

We are seeing an increase in the spirit of prayer, an ever increasing Spirit of Restoration ( families &
ministries)  and an outburst of miracles! Thank you for speaking the Word, the blood of the Lamb ands
your overcoming personal testimony. We love you!

Tony Krukow,
Billye Brim Ministries,
Branson, MO

Hey Papa Gary! I am so happy to have you here on earth. I know this is the anniversary of going to Heaven,
but I'm so glad you are here on earth and I get to have a relationship with you and your family.

Love you,
Your spiritual son,
Branden Brim

I am glad your sister called you back in the name of Jesus. I am so glad God crossed our paths. We are
honored to have you as our apostle.
Margie Overmiller
Elisha's Home & Ministries,
Montrose, PA

Dear Dr. Wood,
Thank you for your call and responding to my request. You are everything that an Apostle should be. You
have blessed me and encouraged me to stay on the course. You and your family are always in my prayers.
God bless you richly and openly.

Jesus Is Lord,
Pastor Jerry Lawrence,     
Newark, OH

Thanks for calling to pray for my mom and I this past weekend. I can't tell you how much I appreciate you
calling us and taking the time with us to pray from your busy schedule. It was amazing. Thank you so

Laura Greenwald

Bro. Gary,
So glad that we became friends years ago and we are still friends today. God is so good. What an impact
your life has had on this world. I am honored to have met you and your beautiful family.

Marge Houchins            ( Facebook)

Blessings to you Bro. Gary,
So many have come to Jesus because of your death to life experience,

Gwen Bullock,
Houston, TX          ( Facebook)

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