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        Pastoral Recommendation

I invite Dr. Gary to my church regularly; his preaching is always confirmed with healings, miracles, and salvations.
His incredible testimony and riotous sense of humor seem to draw people in almost instantly. Before they realize it,
they are delving deeply into God's Word, relating so much to the simple but powerful truths this humble man serves
up.  He flows with the Holy Spirit and is not afraid to interrupt his message to minister what the Spirit wants.
People always leave strengthened and encouraged in their faith.  I recommend Dr. Gary Wood to other pastors
enthusiastically and without reservation. Through anointing and example, he leads people in trusting God no matter

Pastor  John Greiner - Glorious Way Church, Houston, Texas

Dear Dr. Gary,

What an awesome blessing you are to the body of Christ!  I am sorry I didn't get to see you the Wednesday night
you were here; I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your ministry.  I heard so many good reports on
your sermon. Our church was tremendously blessed by your message! Thank you for coming to Lakewood Church
to minister to the congregation.

Pastor. Joel Osteen - Lakewood Church, Lakewood, Texas

We have had Dr. Gary, Deena and Angel a number of times at our church, and each time was greater than the last!
Every time Dr. Gary comes to Agape Worship Center, we always see the manifestation of the Lord in healings,
salvation, and deliverance. Gary is a humble man; he is interested in building and supporting the local church and its
pastor.  Dr. Gary, Deena, and Angel are not only guest speakers at our church, but also good friends. We highly
recommend Dr. Gary and his family to everyone. Your hearts will be touched and you will be blessed!

Pastor Anthony Ventola - Agape Worship Center, Bloomfield, New Jersey

...I highly recommend Dr. Gary to you ...  He is an unassuming man, full of the love and life of Jesus and has a
servant's heart that wants to bless your people and strengthen your ministry.

Pastor Mark Pederson  - Living Word Tabernacle, Brodhead, Wisconsin

I have known Dr. Gary Wood for over twenty-five years and have found him to be one of the most honest and
sincere ministers I have encountered. These days require every pastor to be very cautious about itinerate ministries.
I am always concerned about the life style behind the words being spoken. Brother Gary carries such integrity that I
fully endorse his ministry. He is above reproach in every respect.

Dr. Gary carries a great desire to see souls brought into the Kingdom of God, which is the message central to his
ministry. Along with his wife, Deena, and daughter, Angel, they have been a real blessing in our lives and the life of
my church. I have such confidence in him, that I routinely have him come and minister for me when I am out of
town. Our people love his ministry and family. He is a great servant for the Lord and wonderful friend in the
ministry. They are real and genuine in every respect.

Meeting Dr. Gary Wood will be one of the best things you can do for you and your ministry. He comes with much
experience from traveling the world and delivering the gospel. Today, ministry comes with many challenges and
obstacles to overcome. Through his life experiences and deep relationship with the Lord, Brother Gary ushers in a
fresh and powerful encounter with God. You will find him to be very personable with the ability to provide insights
to leadership.

Pastor Mark Carbaugh  - Christian Faith Fellowship, Cape Girardeau, Missouri

...Gary is a gifted speaker and singer and is a powerful preacher of the Word of God. He preaches with enthusiasm
and humor and ministers a balanced message that will challenge and feed the local church...

Pastors Al and  Judy Penniman - Gentle Shepherd Fellowship Rockford, Illinois

...we have had many guest speakers through the years, but Brother Wood has been special. He has held three
revivals for us and has preached here on other special occasions. He loves people, not just crowds. I don't know
anyone who works more diligently around the altars after ministering than Gary. I recommend him to you with

Pastor Bob Johnson - Grandview Assembly Church Grandview, Missouri a good friend and brother in the Lord, Evangelist Dr. Gary Wood and his family have ministered in our church
on several occasions; every time we all have experienced the life changing power of God.  Dr. Gary has a servant's
heart and ministers under the authority of the church leadership he ministers in.  He truly operates in and under the
anointing of God.

Pastor Jack R. Pidgeon - West Houston Christian Center, Houston, Texas
Dr. Gary Wood

Gary Wood Ministries
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Sugar Land, Texas

Phone  281-491-4836

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